Thanks for joining us for the Alpha Course at Grace Community

This page is to keep you updated on the videos if you miss a week of Alpha. You can also submit prayer requests or ask questions about faith that will go directly to our Alpha leaders.



Intro to Alpha- Is there more to life than this?


Week 1: Who is Jesus?


Week 2: Why did Jesus die?


Week 3: How CAN I have faith?


Week 4: Why and how do i pray?


Week 5: Why and how should I read the bible?


Week 6: How does god guide us?


Weekend AWAY: session 1 Who is the holy spirit?


Weekend AWAY: session 2 What does the holy spirit do?


Weekend AWAY: session 3 How can i be filled with the holy spirit?


Weekend AWAY: session 4 How can i make the most of the rest of my life?


Week 7: Does God Heal today?


Week 8: Why and how should I Tell others?



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ask for prayer

*Prayer requests will be handled confidentially by the Alpha Leadership Team at Grace.