Moms and Mentors:

We are a group of women who want to grow as wives and mothers. You will learn Godly parenting; listen, support and care for one another and find friendship. This year there will be new videos on parenting, guest speakers, round  table discussions, and beautiful crafts... if you're a mom, you don't want to miss this!

Prayers of Paul Bible Study

Please join us this year as we unpack the potent prayers that Paul included in his letters. In a small group discussion format we will seek to grow in our understanding of the intent of Paul’s prayers and then use these prayers as a model as we pray for ourselves, one        another, the church and His kingdom.

Women's Prayer Group

Each Wednesday we gather in the church conference room at 10AM to pray together. We learn about prayer, and we pray together, through issues that affect our own lives, our church community, and the world at large. Please join us.