Join us on March 22, 2015 for Sunday Morning Baptism Services

At Grace Community we believe in the power and the symbolism of a believer's water baptism.  That's a loaded statement that requires some unpacking.  First and foremost, we practice baptisms because Jesus set us an example for it (Matthew 3) and he commissioned the church to do so (Matthew 28:19) as we make disciples of the nations. 


Baptism is Symbolic

There is a beautiful symbolism in the act of baptism. Romans 6:1-6 reveals this symbolism. As we enter into the waters of baptism, we symbolically identify with the death of Christ and the washing away of sin.  As we come up out of the waters of baptism, we identify with the power of the resurrection and a transformed life.  Baptism is a public expression of our love for God and of our surrendered life to Him. 


Baptism as Surrender

It is our surrendered life that God desires as we enter into our faith journey and as eternal life begins here and now for us.  Acts 2:38 - 41 recalls the experience of many people entering into the faith through Peter's preaching and as the Holy Spirit is unleashed at Pentecost.  As their lives become changed through belief in Christ, Peter calls them to "repent and be baptized, for the forgiveness of sins".  From this passage, we are held to the conviction that baptism is to be experienced as a believer in Christ.  That's how the beauty, symbolism, and power of baptism come together, as shown as an act of faith by one who has given their life to Christ. 


A Shared Experience

We value and cherish the experience of the church coming together in celebration of baptisms in our midst.  If you would like to learn more about baptism or would like to talk to a pastor about becoming baptized at Grace Community, email Executive Pastor, Matt Beattie, or fill out this form:

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