ONEchild is a child sponsorship program devoted to “street orphans”.

The program exists to rescue children from an otherwise desperate life by helping to provide for their material, educational, and spiritual needs and development. Working in partnership with local churches and organizations in the Rift Valley of Kenya, we are transforming children’s lives.

Join us by praying for and sponsoring a child.


July 2019 Kenya Trip

We have a team going from Grace Community to Kenya in July 2019 to visit and teach at the Academy and Orphanage that we (Grace Community) have built there. 170 students are presently living and learning at the school, but they have VERY limited resources. We are hoping to bring technology and materials to benefit their high school classes.

We are primarily looking for Laptop computers (used ones, less than 4 years old, or new ones). They need to be fully functional and Windows-based (Windows 7 or later). They do not need to have Microsoft Office on them, but it is a benefit if they do. We hope to bring 40-50. Some of you can ask your company's IT departments if they could spare a few used laptops for this charitable cause, rather than keeping them in closets where they are not likely to be used. Laptops can be brought in to Grace on Sunday mornings March 24 or 31 or April 7 or 14. Or please contact Michael Fletcher at to find out if what you have or could obtain would benefit the students.

In addition, you could contact Michael if you think you could collect and provide any of the following:

  • graphing calculators

  • sets of 15 or more identical high school texts in any of the following subjects: math, any science, English, or computer programming

  • art supplies

  • small musical instruments like recorders

The team has limited space in luggage, so we are asking donors to contact us with questions before obtaining or bringing in materials for us (except for functioning Laptops, since we know we want to bring the maximum possible).

Thank-you for whatever you can do to help these Kenyan students and orphans.