Pontiac, Michigan: Micah 6 community

Led by Coleman Yoakum, Micah 6 is a group of friends who bought a house in a rough neighborhood and moved in with a posture of humility, looking for ways to help improve our neighborhood. This has looked like gardens, orchards, neighborhood barbecues and movies in the gardens. We hope that in the coming months it also looks like renovating houses, starting a tutoring program and a few small businesses to help our neighbors have access to jobs. To learn more about Micah 6 Community click here.

Naivasha, kenya: ONEchild kenya

Started by Grace Community Church and K.A.G. Naivasha many years ago, the ONEchild Kenya sponsorship program and ONE27 Academy have continued to flourish. If you come to GCC for any amount of time you will hear and see the faces that are stateside working to serve the orphans in Naivasha, but there are faces you won't often see that are making sacrifices and putting these children ahead of their own needs. Many times they take off work, pay out of their own pocket and go the extra mile to take care of these children. This team consists of Bishop Kimemmia, Nancy Wambui, Pastor Paul Karigu, and many more. To learn more about the ONEchild Kenya program, click here.

Gressier, Haiti: Emily court

As a graduate of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Emily always knew that she was meant for a career in medicine. Her applications were prepared, exams were taken, and she was ready to ship off to medical school - until God began revealing different plans. Two weeks after college graduation, she moved to Carrefour, Haiti, where she began working in a malnutrition clinic. Emily’s heart began to shatter as she watched infants being admitted into the program, God provided the tools for her to begin running an infant wellness clinic to provide nutritional support, education, and healthcare to mothers and infants. By the end of the first year, there were over 500 babies thriving in our program; 500 babies who were spared from crippling malnutrition in their first months of life.

After a year of being back in the states, God has grown Emily’s heart as He placed another ministry in front of her. She is now living in Gressier, Haiti working with Haiti Health Ministries to provide healthcare and the hope of Jesus Christ in a community where voodoo practices are used more commonly than medication. Along with fulfilling her ministry with HHM, God has blessed her with another calling - to become the mama to a sweet little girl, Nehemie Joy, who He had previously placed into her care following the death of her mother. God is doing big things in Haiti and we are thrilled to see how God uses Emily as he serves Him there.

Bangkok, Thailand: Tim & Amy Hupe (Ariel, Ella)

At first glance Bangkok, Thailand, is a beautiful mixture of ancient and modern traditions, lifestyles and experiences. Hidden behind the buzz of this mega-city are broken and exploited lives. The Hupe's are committed to building relationships with Thai people, to walking hand-in-hand with them in friendship, and to loving in Christ. We dream of the day that these relationships move the hearts of the Thai people and inspire them to reach out in love and reconciliation as a protest against the mass exploitation of women, men and children in their city. To learn more about theHupe's, Creative Life Foundation, click here.

La Paz, Bolivia: Bruce & Miriam Saldi

Bruce and Miriam Saldi work in association with Food for the Hungry in La Paz, Bolivia. Bruce is involved in equipping the national church in their missions endeavors. He has been overseeing the construction and operation of the Huarina Missions School, a discipleship training endeavor. He is also involved in evangelism and church planting in La Paz as well as other areas throughout Bolivia. They have two children, Daniel and Steven.

Worldwide Leadership: Dave & Gail Sevier

Dave and Gail Seiver work with World in Need and live in the Chicago area. Dave travels around the world teaching and mentoring national pastors and leaders in many strategic areas. He is often reffered to as Dr."D", as he enters territory that is potentially fatal for a Christian leader.

UMASS Lowell Campus Ministry for International Students: Margaret Leavister

Margaret Leavister provides a Christian mission to the international students at University of Massachusetts in Lowell. She has regular Bible studies and teaches English to the students’ wives. International Students, Inc. (ISI), established in 1953, is an organization of Christian volunteers who want to have friendships with international students at U.S. colleges and universities. ISI volunteers and staff provide various services to students. Some of these services include teaching them about American culture, helping them with problems needing a native speaker, finding an American Christian mentor in their academic discipline, and teaching them about our Creator God and the Bible.