Philippians 1:12-13 (ESV)

 12 I want you to know, brothers,[e] that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel, 13 so that it has become known throughout the whole imperial guard[f] and to all the rest that my imprisonment is for Christ.



 Take the opportunity to re-read the verse... once again, then once more! Take a moment to pause on each word from Paul's hand. I notice how distant my company in Jesus often is. The apostle is not concerned with his own life or wellbeing; instead his bonds to Christ are the most important thing. Reading Ephesians 6:19-20, Paul shares that his words are from Christ, not his own. Even while he is physically in chains, and imprisoned, his spirit not held in chains or shackles! 


My own world in 2015 has so many similarities to Paul’s. Here I am, weak and small. I struggle to stand up for my faith; there is always a certain shame in me to profess the name Christ Jesus. But Paul's letters are formed for the church, yes, for us saints; his compulsion to witness is strong, he is always ready to share Jesus with the audience at hand. What an example that can serve to us!



 Lord God. I pray a measure of courage; and let it stir in me to release a freedom in my words, that in speaking freely the name Jesus, I should please you and bless you, amen.


By: Ron Wagner