Philippians 3:1 (ESV)

Finally, brothers, rejoice in the Lord.



So what does it really mean to “rejoice in the Lord”?  I often hear that verse, and simply say, yup...will do.  But let’s think about it.  Paul has written a wonderful letter here filled with joy throughout.  He’s trying to tell us something.  We can have true joy if our focus is on something other than ourselves.  That something is Jesus.  We’re encouraged to think about who Jesus is, and who we are in him.  So who is He?  Well, who was He to Paul?


Paul wrote this letter from prison.  So it wasn’t his circumstances that brought him joy.  In this particular section he speaks of emptying oneself and looking towards Christ.  Somehow this humility led to great joy. But for him, the first step was to focus on one thing: Jesus.  So meditating on Jesus is how we rejoice in the Lord.   By doing so, our spirits are filled with joy.


So today, I encourage you to think about one facet of Jesus that gives you awe, that makes you smile, or that makes you fall in love with Him.  What is it that draws you to Him?  He is completely perfect.  He delights in making you fresh and clean.  He’s your unshakeable stronghold.  The complex creator.  The faithful lover. 



Lord, my day is filled with things that clutter my mind and prevent me from meditating on who you really are.  May your Spirit reveal to me the thing about you that truly fills my heart and mind with joy.  Amen.

By: Brad MacPherson