more about discover sanctuary:

A Campaign to Raise $2.5 Million for our New Church Home

In 2015, we purchased a beautiful parcel of land (17 prime acres located on the main road of growing downtown Westford, MA) and today we have an opportunity to build our own building on that land. Once built, we will move our church family to this new, permanent location. The cost of our current rental space is nearly $20,000 every month. As better stewards of God’s money, when we build, we will redirect those funds into a facility the church will own. We are excited about that and feel convicted that is a wise thing to do.

But more importantly, we believe our ability to reach more people for Jesus is the true catalyst in our desire to build our new facility. And how do we do that? How can we reach more people in our new location?



We have $2.45M pledged, or 98% of our goal! This is a gift from God, and we are celebrating his faithfulness. Thank you for being a part of this campaign.


Our ability to reach more people for Jesus is the true catalyst in our desire to build our new facility.


We want as many people as possible to hear the message of Jesus and to have a chance to develop a relationship with him. That’s our mission. We word it like this: “Helping people discover and fulfill God’s call on their lives.” How can we best do that?

In the age of social media, 60-hour work weeks, and the 24-hour news cycle, we all see people struggling but unable to find peace, purpose, and true connection in their lives

Yet, as our Grace Community church family has ventured down on the land these last two years, we have consistently heard the phrase, “It feels like a sanctuary.” Thus, we want to create a sanctuary for all to find the safety and refuge to encounter God.


Sanctuary: A holy place of refuge and safety.

5 exterior - at entry.jpg

We believe we have a unique opportunity to use our land and build a new building on it in order to create a sanctuary space where people can step out of the craziness of their lives and enter into a space where they can hear from God, respond to God, and begin working through their faith journey. And we believe that by creating a space of sanctuary, it will be inviting to the world around us, and ultimately it will give us a better chance to reveal Jesus to others.

We will be inviting our friends and neighbors, people from our region, and even people from around the world, to DISCOVER SANCTUARY at the new Grace Community Church in Westford.


We hope everyone in the Grace Community Church family feels the excitement of these possibilities and that everyone chooses to get involved. We need every single person to pray and consider ways they can invest in this incredible project. It will require all of us.

Will you begin praying now?

Pray how God might be calling upon you to get involved? How he might be asking you to give to the Discover Sanctuary campaign?