Led by Nate Burgoyne (n.burgoyne@grace-community.org)


If you play an instrument, and would enjoy leading others in worship on Sunday mornings, consider auditioning for our worship team. Between rehearsal and Sunday services, this is a 7-hour weekly commitment when you are scheduled.



If you enjoy singing worship music and have some vocal skill, audition for the worship team and help lead the congregation in worship. Being a part of the worship team rehearsal and Sunday services is a 7-hour weekly commitment when you are scheduled.



Due to financial constraints, some students are unable to attend our annual events (winter retreat, summer camp, and mission trip). If you would like to help enable students to enjoy these life-changing events financially then please consider giving.

If you have some experience or a keen interest and natural ability in running a sound board for our Sunday morning services, we would be happy to train you on our digital sound board. Mixing the sound for the band, recording and uploading the sermons and monitoring the overall sound quality is a crucial job each Sunday at GCC. This is a 7-hour weekly commitment when scheduled.


Our ProPresenter ensures that the worship lyric slides, additional slides and videos are correct and timed well for the screens at the front of the sanctuary during the Sunday morning services. The time commitment varies depending on whether you do one service or two.


If you have some skill with a video camera, consider helping with videoing and uploading the sermons on Sunday mornings. Time commitment varies.


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