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Our mission: "Helping People Walk with Jesus"

Grace Community is a non-denominational church. We are a body of people from many different faith backgrounds, Catholics, Baptists, Anglicans, Pentecostals, and practically anything else you can think of. We believe that Jesus Christ is what unites us, and we try to "major in the majors, and minor in the minors."

Our mission is simple: Helping People Walk with Jesus. We want to help people walk with him whether they’ve been here for 15 years or just came in the door. We are all on a journey. None of us has arrived, yet we see so often in the Bible that Jesus met people on their journey and changed the trajectory of their lives. We want to invite you into that walk if you haven’t experienced it before, and help you learn how to walk with Jesus and help others to walk with him too.

In the essentials we have unity. In the non-essentials we have liberty. But in all beliefs we show charity.

Want to know our position on some important theological issues? See our Articles of Faith by clicking the button below.

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