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Outreach at Grace Community

Reach Out's Mission: Helping People Reach Out for Jesus  

One of the first ways to fulfill our mission is by Reaching Out to those in our community. We do this through many ways. Every year our Back-to-School Surprise and Christmas Surprise events help many families who live in or around Chelmsford who are in need. We pray with and for these families, sharing God's love. We also have special events, like our Fall Cleanup. Imagine what He can do through us if we take the boundaries off of how we love our neighbors and Reach Out to everyone.


  Pray for our Missionaries and Missionary Partners

Join the Reach Out Team

Volunteer at Living Waters

Volunteer with Amirah

Join the Leadership Team for Back-to-School Surprise/Christmas Surprise

Join the Leadership Team for the Fall Cleanup

Donate to Reach Out

  There are several ways to Get Involved at GCC. Below are the areas where volunteers are currently serving. If you are serving in another way, tell us about it. We would love to hear how God is working through you and maybe it could be another way GCC could Do Something.



Here at Grace Community Church, we currently have nine missionaries or organizations that we support as they reach out to the communities around us, as well as those that are far away from us.

We trust that God uses our support through prayer and giving, and that He is accomplishing His will throughout the world.


Pontiac, Michigan - Micah 6 Community

Micah 6 Community was founded in 2012 and works to support an under-served community in a northwest suburb of Detroit. The team there carefully surveyed their neighbors, looking for ways to help the neighborhood. They settled on food, growing 1.5 acres of gardens and opening a produce store that employs neighbors. They support neighborhood kids through after school tutoring and summer camp. Micah 6 also has a small church plant that regularly sees 65 people a week, many of whom are homeless or struggling with addiction. 


In 2021, Micah 6 Community will be renovating a vacant elementary school to turn into a community center. They are also preparing to undertake their first housing project, renovating a vacant building in their neighborhood.


OneChild Kenya

OneChild Kenya is a child-sponsorship program devoted to orphans, many of whom were left on the streets without anyone. The program has been active for more than 15 years to rescue orphaned children from an otherwise desperate life, ensuring they are cared for by local guardians, and that they go to school. The support funds given to the program provide support to the guardians for food, clothes, and school uniforms and fees for the children. The intent is to support each one at least through high school and, if higher education is possible, to continue support through that also. Dozens have graduated from both high school and colleges over the past decade; some are now parents, some are elders in churches, and some are even already working to help other homeless street children. It is a privilege to have helped them become godly men and women. Working in partnership with local Kenyan churches and organizations in the Rift Valley of Kenya, we are transforming children’s lives one at a time, giving them a great path to emotional, physical and spiritual vibrancy.

Join us by praying for and sponsoring a child. Contact Michael Fletcher for more information.


Creative Life Foundation

"Our mission is to connect vulnerable and marginalized children and parents in urban and rural Thailand to critical resources that create a path to freedom and prevents human trafficking.
By providing access to education, a path to citizenship, and holistic care, breaking cycles of poverty and exploitation is not only possible—it's happening."

In 2021, CLF will be launching two new programs (a path to citizenship and women's literacy) that will further address the root causes of trafficking in Thailand. Currently, our US board is actively looking for new members. Contact Tim Hupe for an application. Learn more at and follow us on social media- Facebook and Instagram. Contact Tim Hupe co-founder | director or Amy Hupe | co-founder for more information. 

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World Outreach Ministries

Bruce & Miriam Saldi have been serving in Bolivia since 1984. Their primary role is the pastoring of a church plant in the city of La Paz. Much effort goes toward the strengthening of the home meetings, creating opportunities for evangelism and discipleship. Presently much of their ministry has been through Zoom and Facebook live. Miriam is very active with the children’s ministry via Zoom. The pandemic has created the need to help several families get by financially. Other ministry responsibilities include an outreach with the Aymara Indians, a Church plant in the mining city of Oruro, as well as many counseling opportunities. Bruce is part of the teaching staff of the Missionary Training School – ECAMM. They have been blessed to be a blessing to Bolivia! Thank you for being part of their ministry!

World Outreach Ministries

Dave and Gail Seiver have been serving in ministry in the US and overseas for years. Dave has traveled to over 100 countries doing training seminars for pastors and lay leaders. The scope of these trainings include Biblical training, training in the spiritual life of the pastor or leader, and how to do ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. They are currently living in Kansas where they will continue leadership training in the USA. This will include mentoring and teaching young adult Christians who are very desirous of serving God. Gail has mentored and taught the wives of emerging young Christian leaders. They are so thankful for your continued prayers and support.
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Our primary local partners are Living Waters Center of Hope and Young Life (Westford/Chelmsford).

For more information on these local ministries, contact Scott Miller.


Living Waters Center of Hope

"We are a non-profit organization rooted in Christian practices and dedicated to providing compassionate, personalized support to those in need. We treat each of our guests as an individual, and walk with them through their process of change.

Living Waters Center of Hope operates from the core belief that human need has multiple dimensions — physical, social, occupational, emotional and spiritual. Thus, our Center is a respectful, safe community of healing, where people get their basic needs met first. Only then can they re-discover their sense of purpose and connection to society at large."

Contact: Randy Maxfield-


Young Life

"We invite kids to follow Christ, care for them regardless of their response, and change lives in the process."


At GCC, we like to partner with Young Life because we believe in their mission as it fits well with our mission. If you would like more information about the Young Life programs in our area, please contact Chris Alost at for the Westford/Chelmsford Young Life and Shannon Burgoyne at for the Nashoba Valley Young Life covering the towns of Bolton, Lancaster, Stow, Harvard, and Devens.

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International Students Inc.

Margaret Leavister has been working with International Students, Inc at UMass Lowell since 1996. As a way to reach students with the love of Christ, she offers classes in English as a Second Language as well as seeker and discipleship Bible Studies, and helps her students navigate American life. This involves giving rides to medical appointments, shopping, and introducing them to fun activities like apple picking or special church events. When we have in-person worship services, Margaret often brings her students to GCC and invites them to her home for lunch. In partnership with the Chinese Bible Church of Greater Lowell, Margaret participates in their Friday night Student Fellowship, where she also offers an ESL class. She enjoys the creativity of teaching ESL, using many different topics such as American holidays and idioms, to pique their interest. But she especially loves opening God’s Word to students and introducing them to the hope of the gospel and the peace they can experience in Jesus.

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Amirah, Inc

Amirah exists to provide refuge to those seeking to break free from exploitation and heal in community on their journey toward lasting hope. We help women who have survived the sex trade reach their own goals and be the heroes of their stories.

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